Today was one of the exceptionally good days where I just felt a little happier, looked a little brighter and walked with that extra pep.  I was all smiles all day and for no real reason either…  I sorta just woke up that way.  I love days like today.

To top it off, tonight I got to put my degree to use and do some real reporting for the Pacific Palisades Patch… it wasn’t breaking news or anything but the Community Council meeting had high volume attendance this evening.  I really enjoyed listening to the community members voice their concerns over sewage spills, sign ordinances and other things I couldn’t follow.  It amazes me what people find important and I now feel guilty for not being a bigger part of my own city council.  I guess I never really live in the same area long enough to really care, which I probably shouldn’t admit, but I’m just being honest.  It was entertaining at least and I even got a few good pics to go along with my story and will post the link to my article when it’s published next week!

Since I had a coffee at 6:30 tonight I bet you can guess I am extremely wired and am now tackling a full days work tonight in hopes of taking part of the day tomorrow to actually enjoy myself.  If it’s nice out I may hit up the beach for a bit, ride the bike to the Venice Canals with the camera and who knows… I may hit a local, early happy hour.

Saturday I am off to Laguna Beach to photograph a wedding!  Can’t wait to share.

Night all!

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