When you fall off that horse….

Did I ever tell you about the time I was bucked off of and kicked by a horse?

About 9 or 10 years ago I was camping and went horseback riding for the first time ever.  You may not know this about me but I am pretty scared of animals.  I like to admire them from a distance, behind a secured gate on a strong chain leash.  I’m not entirely sure why I agreed to this adventure in the first place…

Now this spot was a bit on the shady side (and I don’t mean in hidden from the sun).  There were 8 of us on the guided tour.  I was the last one to be matched with a horse and when I told the trainer I had never ridden before he gave me the “Uh oh” look along with that through-the-teeth-inhale-eek you do when you are about to do something questionable.  I should have known I was in for a treat when my horse was the only one not on the verge of death and facing backwards in the line up.  Oh, and he bit the guide in the stomach to boot.

About 10 minutes into the ride we crossed (what I remember to be) a very narrow, slippery trail covered with dead leaves and a huge fallen tree branch with little branches branching off.  For some strange reason I was afraid the horse was going to trip (yes trip?!) over the branch and I would go flying off into the creek below. So I gave his reigns a little tug hoping he would avoid this obstacle and head to the right.  Um no,  he kept going and before I could do ANYthing I am holding on for dear life, screaming, while he is galloping towards some trees clearly trying to kill me!

He was going all sorts of crazy trying to get me off his back so when I hit the ground I thought I was safe…… but I looked up and saw that beast coming for me!  I tried to get up and run into the forest(y) area but he kicked me down instead and it was a KO for me!  Snoopy the horse won.

I spent the next several hours in the hospital, the next several weeks on crutches (no broken bones just a huge hole in my calve and muscles so tight I couldn’t stand up straight) and the next several years afraid for my life whenever an animal larger than a cat approached me.

Now, I KNOW that saying “get back on the horse… blah blah blah” but I bet the person who coined that term had never been thrown off or kicked by a one!!

Next time…. A story about Fabio, a 10 foot camel and a 20 lb bag of carrots!

Good night!


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