Naava Mei-lin

I’ve known Mong for several years now and it’s pretty hard to believe that we have both grown into such responsible adults.  We met though a mutual friend during our single days.  At the time we both lived in the San Fernando Valley and were mutually excited to learn we were neighbors.  Not many of my friends lived in the Valley at the time so it was nice to have someone to scope out the local watering holes with.  Our nights wouldn’t even begin until 11pm… usually followed by a 3am post bar breakfast at Mel’s Diner on Ventura Boulevard.

Fast forward 7 years Mong and Rita welcome sweet baby girl Naava Mei-lin to the world!!  She is just the cutest little doll ever!  I was so excited to see the glowing parents and meet little Naava last week.  It was especially fun to see Mong as a father.  He is ridiculously protective of his new daughter.  I couldn’t even stand it how sweet it was.  And Rita, well lets just say that when I have kids, I hope I am as calm and cool as she is.

Congratulations to Mong and Rita!  Your little girl is precious and I am looking forward to watching her and your family grow.  xo

Samantha Ball - May 25, 2011 - 8:28 am

So SWEET <3!!

Lizzie - June 11, 2011 - 4:12 pm

Mong she is beautiful! I am so happy for you! And Jillian- gorgeous photos. Xo

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