Good things happened this week.  Four of our friends (two couples) got married and another couple had a beautiful baby girl and I finished reading a whole book!  It’s crazy to think I am old enough to be experiencing all these things.

Speaking of feeling old, my little back problem is back and this morning as I was putting the groceries away I had this painful sharp shooting pain in my right hip/inner thigh area.  Normally I’m pretty tough about this kind of stuff but it got to the point where I couldn’t put any pressure  on my leg and had to sit down on the floor for a bit and scoot myself around the living room with my hands.  I actually cried.  Mostly because  at that moment I felt like I was physically falling apart but also because it really did hurt.  I finally just laid down on the hardwood floor and stretched a bit and was all better…. for now at least.  I reaaaaally need to start working out again.  Tomorrow I will get back in to the eating good and being active lifestyle.  Tomorrow for sure.

Now that we are back from our wonderful Maui trip, I have LOTS to catch up on but who cares about that… that’s boring.

Earlier I had this whole post written out in my mind about being sentimental and how music and photos bring back the strongest emotions from memories and blah blah… but now that it’s late and I am full from dinner and tired from the long week/end, I just want to cozy up under the covers and watch bad T.V.  I have at least 3 or 4 episodes of The Real Housewives of OC (gasp! Gross… I know) and Lamar and Khloe to see.  They are my guilty pleasures until True Blood is back on this Summer.  I hate that HBO does that to me… makes me wait over a year in between seasons.  It’s lame!  But I still countdown to the first episode and plan my Sunday evenings around the awesomeness of Eric and Sooki (sorry Bill).  June 26th is just right around the corner!

Alrighty virtual audience it’s time to call it a night.  I will leave you with a few personal photos from Maui.  The wedding pics will be up next.  Stay tuned!!

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