Life is Good (yes with a capital “G”)

So its been a while since my last posting but things were pretty hectic with moving and all.  It’s funny how you can have so much stuff yet need to buy so much more stuff!

My last week was spent unpacking, trashing and shopping.  I think I did three  grocery shopping trips in one day.  Eeek!

Living near the beach is amazing.  Santa Monica is such a great little city.  It’s busy but not too busy.  There is so much to do and see it’s overwhelming.  I want to do everything all at once, in the same day… pretty ridiculous, I know.

The last few days were beautiful; 80+ degrees, sunny and clear.  I went on several walks over the weekend and really soaked in the sunshine.  Today… not so much.  It was cold and gloomy.  Regardless I still went on a jog to the beach after a very productive morning.  I had about 600 photos from a recent shoot to edit through and it was no easy task.

My goal as a photographer is to shoot smarter not harder.  Meaning most editing done in the camera and less editing done on the computer.

Much of that has to do with my technical skills but most of my confidence level.  It’s getting better… my confidence that is (and well my technical skills too I suppose) the more I shoot.

I used  to be so afraid of not getting ONE single usable shot that I would just hold the shutter down and fire off like a machine gun.  Sure I would get multiple usable shots but I had to sift through nearly 1000 to find the few good ones and at times that would take hours!! Sometimes days.

Now that I have more confidence and a better understanding of the camera operations, lighting, posing and people chemistry I find that I am editing in so many great photos and throwing out less terrible ones.  I’ve cut my trash in half.

This last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing the Valentine family.  They live in the San Fernando Valley, just minutes from where I grew up.  We met at the Stagecoach Inn Museum in Newbury Park and like many others, they fell in love with the venue.

Rick, Kim, Siena and West were so much fun to photograph.  The kids were such troopers!  Poor little West had a little tumble off a bench and scared me (and everyone else) half to death but fortunately he was just fine.  We had him laughing in a matter of minutes.  (Thank Goodness!!) The fall sounded and looked much worse than it actually was.

Here is a little sneak peek of last weekends shoot.  Enjoy!  I’m off to watch some TV on our brand new couch!  No more air mattress for us… yippie!

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