I heart Seattle

When it comes to vacations I am not usually your tropical resort type of person but rather more of a city girl.  Last week Corey and I were able to take a few days off and head to Seattle.

It wasn’t exactly a new city to me however the last time I was there (yeeeeaaars ago) I wasn’t in the best of spirits.

My brother and I traveled out there together for our cousins wedding which happened to be at one of the most romatic places I have ever stayed at.  The Alderbrook Resort, a stunning log cabiney type of place right on the water.  My brother and I shared a room and it just so happened we were both going through a break up at the time.  We were lovely company for each other aka MISERABLE.

Obviously this trip was much different.  Corey and I spent 3 days enjoying the sites and sounds of Seattle’s best coffee shops, restaurants and bars.  It’s amazing how much that little city has to offer in the way of food, coffee houses and live music.  We even took a little ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island.  I think the best part was the weather!  It was sunny and clear with a whopping high of 75 degrees.  The air was brisk and clean and it actually felt like Fall.

I didn’t do a great job of taking photos.  I left the big camera behind and only took the little guy out  a few times to capture a few fun shots.  Oops!  It was a great vacation and you’ll just have to take my word for it. =)



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