I heart NYC

New York has always been one of my favorite cities.  Last month we visited Manhattan for a day before heading out to a friends wedding in upstate.  It was my first time back since 2004 and it was as if I had never been there before (it was my fourth time, or maybe my third).  The memories I have of previous visits have all blended into one giant ball of blur.

We landed on the morning of 9/11 which at first didn’t really seem like a big deal.  We roamed the city for hours and hours until we found ourselves at the World Trade Center memorial site.  We had no intentions on visiting that day but somehow found our way to the fountains where the twin towers once stood.

It was the most surreal and overwhelming feeling I have ever experienced.  I sobbed as I stood and watched people place flowers and other personal items over the engraved name of their lost loved ones.  Standing there, I tried to image what the area must have looked like during those attacks. It was impossible.  All I could do was shake my head and cry…

The actual museum was only open to family members that day so we didn’t stay long but it certainly left a huge impact on me.  It didn’t feel right to take photos so I only left with one frame of the new World Trade Center building which is still under construction.

I will never forget this last trip to New York City and already can’t wait to go back.

The rest of our trip was spent in upstate at that tiny old town of Binghamton where we celebrated the wedding of Kaitlin and Adam.  The day started off cold and rainy but 30 minutes before their ceremony, the skies cleared and gave them the perfect amount of sunlight where they exchanged their vows in a sweet little circle made of stones.

It was simply perfect.  I was off duty that day, enjoying my time as a guest, but still managed to sneak in a frames for fun. =)


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