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Merry Christmas Eve!

This years holidays have been a bit mellow for me and I’m 99% sure it’s because we had our wedding just two months ago.  There was so much planning, hosting, celebrating and partying going on that it makes it difficult to want to go all out this year.

Christmas Eve is usually the night we have the Shayer Mission Cookie Decorating party but last years got so big my mom pretty much 86’d the idea this time.  I’m not too worried though because by 2011 she’ll have forgotten about it and the party can resume.

Next week is going to be a pretty busy week for me photography wise.  I have a family portrait on the 26th, a wedding on the 29th and another wedding on New Years Eve.  I’m so excited for all the upcoming work!

It was just a few months ago I decided to quit my job and pursue a career in photography… specifically wedding photography.  I pretty much owe it to my own wedding.

He proposed in April of 2009, just one month before I graduated from CSUN with a Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism.  I had a Europe trip planned in September with some friends and my cousin Tyson so it wasn’t until I got back that we started to talk about planning a wedding.

I was never the girl who dreamed of my perfect wedding day so I had lots of work to do when it came time to plan!

All I knew is that I didn’t want a traditional wedding.  As a matter of fact I wanted a very non-formal, casual, fun party with subtle hints of “wedding” laced in.

In order to keep our costs down (with an unexpected guest list of 210) we decided we would do as much as we could ourselves.

I spent endless hours researching things like “unique weddings”, “alternative weddings”, “anthropologie style weddings” trying to get ideas for decor, attire, venues, favors, etc.

There were so many amazing, unique, fun and inspirational blogs I came across and I found that I was always attracted to the ones that specialized or featured the DIY (do it yourself) weddings.

Most of all, I was impressed and inspired by the amazing photography I saw and that’s what gave me the motivation and fuel to go after what I want and pursue my passion.

I’m excited that two amazing couples have given me the opportunity to showcase my talents on their special day.

And just a few weeks ago, I was also lucky enough to be a second shooter to an amazing, long time, professional photographer Dana Fineman at the Jewison wedding.

Here are just a few shots from their big day.

Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!

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