Congrats Nate and Katie!

Nathan and I have been friends for many years.  We met in high school where being the new girl in 10th grade meant I had more enemies than friends and Nate always had my back.  If it wasn’t for Nate,  I probably would have sported a few black eyes around campus.  He is one of the most generous, loyal and giving people I know and I am so lucky to call him my friend.

A while back when I heard Nate had a new girlfriend, I was beyond delighted!  It turns out he crossed paths with an old high school friend, Katie.  They quickly hit it off and it was as though they hadn’t lost a moment.  When telling the story of how they got reacquainted, Katie admits she used to have a little crush on him back in the day!  Here they are, over 10 years later, getting married!!

Katie is simply amazing.  She is always smiling and always SO bubbly!  I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better and am looking forward to watching them build their family.

I was THRILLED when they asked if I would photograph their intimate court house ceremony last Friday.  Finally (!!!) after all these years, I could pay Nate back for all the times he offered to beat the people up who hurt my feelings, protected me from the mean girls  and the bajillion times he helped me move.

I could not be happier for this amazing couple!  I am truly honored and blessed to have shared this special day with them.


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