It’s been a while.  Too long actually and I shouldn’t go this long with out posting but I’ve been doing some thinking about where I want this blog to go.  Or rather, HOW I want it to go.  Meaning- I’ve had conflicted feelings on whether or not I should be myself on here or be a fluffy version of me so that people who might hire me think I am all great hunky dory. And well, I decided to be me.  Just me.  People like me and I’m not even all hunky dory all the time.  Sometimes I am cranky and emotional but even when I am I am still smiling and enjoying life.  Pretty much no matter what.  And who doesn’t get cranky or annoyed or emotional?  That’s fake and I don’t want to be fake.

So, here is the new and improved blog.  The real me.  The uncensored me (mostly).

This week Corey and I are down in San Diego.  It’s pretty awesome over here.  It’s almost mid – February and it’s like a perfect summer day.  77 degrees to be exact.

We are staying in PB with our good friends Scott and Nicole.  They are getting married in May in Maui so we are here taking some engagement photos.  Right now the boys are out picking up a bottle of champagne for ‘mirmosas’ as Scott calls them.

We’re going to head out to town in a couple hours to get some amazing light so for now I will post a few photos I just took of Elvis, their little French Bulldog.  He’s a bit spoiled and got  the worlds largest bone yesterday on the ride here.  He loves that thing.  Some of the noises that come out of him while he’s gnawing away at it are absolutely unreal!

Enjoy the little guy!

Kimberly Devlin - February 15, 2011 - 2:57 pm

I got really excited when I saw the title of this specific blog because I’m a HUGE Elvis fan. Turns out I’m a huge bulldog fan too and this Elvis is equally as cute as The King. Great pics. I’ll have to show Cammi these pictures because she loves bull dogs more then the air she breathes.

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