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When I was in junior high and high school I would spend much of my class time writing notes (about nothing) to my friends, especially my BFF Lelani.  We would write about boys, how much we hated school, boys, our other girlfriends, and more about boys. We lived on the same street but she went […]

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details. details. details.

This morning I decided not to watch the news anymore.  Every story reported is so depressing and it’s not what I want to hear first thing in the morning.  It sets a sad tone for the day and I just don’t care to start off like that. So, to cheer me up, I decided to […]

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Kristin and Keith!

Hello! I’m back from a big weekend of birthday celebrations and work.  It’s been a great last few days and as usual I have tons to catch up on! First I want to share some photos from Kristin and Keith’s wedding in San Diego!  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception at the Humphrey’s Half […]

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