Monthly Archives: December 2010

DIY Wedding Type

Merry Christmas Eve! This years holidays have been a bit mellow for me and I’m 99% sure it’s because we had our wedding just two months ago.  There was so much planning, hosting, celebrating and partying going on that it makes it difficult to want to go all out this year. Christmas Eve is usually […]

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Life is Good (yes with a capital “G”)

So its been a while since my last posting but things were pretty hectic with moving and all.  It’s funny how you can have so much stuff yet need to buy so much more stuff! My last week was spent unpacking, trashing and shopping.  I think I did three  grocery shopping trips in one day.  […]

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Back to work

Wow has it been a long but exciting week!  We got everything all moved in to our new place!  We found a place, packed and moved in all in a matter of 3 days!  When we left our Westlake house we sold everything and I mean everything down to the half melted tupperware we had. […]

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